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Campus Health Service


Occupational Health Centre consists of a small team of highly trained specialities dedicated to improving the lifestyle of University employees at work, during leisure and in retirement.

The OHC provides advice, assessment, treatment and education for the individual together with advice and support to managers.

Working closely with the Human Resources and Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Office.

Occupational Health is also involved in sick- absence management, health workplace assessments, monitoring, health surveillance and health trend analysis.

The Occupational Health Team

  • The Occupational Health team consist of two Occupational Health Practitioners and one part-time Occupational Medical Practitioner (doctor).
  • Referral systems to external professionals e.g physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Counselling services, dietician.
  • The clinical team advises individuals and managers on work-related health problems and any health problems that may affect work.

Relevant legislation

  • The Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations (85 of 1993)
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (130 of 1993)
  • Mine Health & Safety Act (29 of 1996)
  • Nursing Act (33 of 2005)
  • Health Professional’s Act (56 of 1974)
  • Medicines and Related Substances Act (101 of 1965)

Roles of Occupational Health Team

  • Assessment of individuals at pre-employment medicals.
  • Advice on an individual’s fitness for work.
  • Advice on suitable employment for individuals returning to work following illness or accident.
  • Provision of information, instruction and training on work related health issues.
  • Recommendation on work-related health surveillance and ill health issues.
  • Guidance and assistance to managers to ensure processes are designed and procedures implemented to minimise the risk to employees’ health.
  • Management and administration of Injury on duty (IOD)
  • Organise the training of staff First aiders ,and the supply and replenishment of first aid boxes on campus
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
  • Advice to Health, & Safety and Staff Committees within the university.
  • Staff Wellness e.g treatment of minor ailments, monitoring of chronic diseases, reproductive health.
  • Advice to Health, & Safety and Staff Committees within the university.
  • Interpretation of relevant legislation.
  • Assisting in the development of university policies, standards and systems.

Staff Wellness Month

Numerous staff members from Nelson Mandela University George Campus put aside any fear of needles they may harbour to make use of the health screening services offered by the Wellness team from the university’s Occupational Health Centre during a two-day visit to the campus during September.

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